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Butterfly table by based upon

The surface of Butterfly table and benches by London-based bespoke design studio based upon is inlaid with real butterflies.


The preserved butterflies are inlaid in the surface and encased in resin.


The butterflies were sourced from taxidermists; some have been preserved for nearly thirty years.


Designed for outdoors, the bespoke table and benches are made from compact laminate - a durable resin sheet material with high resistance to impact, heat and water.


Here's some information from based upon:


Butterfly table and benches
based upon gold / butterflies / resin / compact laminate /

based upon have recently completed an exterior butterfly table and benches for a private client in Hong Kong. The butterfly is a classic symbol of metamorphosis or the cycle of life. Preserved within the table the butterflies tread a fine line between a museum preservation designed to satisfy man’s curiosity and the natural preservation that occurs when life is trapped within layers of the earth and ultimately revealed as a fossil.


Made with love by hand in London:

Established in 2004 by twin brothers Richard and Ian Abell, based upon is widely celebrated for its highly innovative approach to luxury design, creating handmade art and furniture with provocatively exquisite surfaces. Our work ranges from sculptural forms and large scale wall installations to personalised artworks which incorporate mementos and precious objects to create a new kind of portrait. Our work is constantly evolving, as most of our private commissions challenge us to create a one-off or something very bespoke.


based upon’s approach is very collaborative, both with its clients and within the team. based upon is made up of 21 handpicked creatives from different backgrounds including fine artists, a ceramicist, a photographer, illustrators, sculptors, furniture designers, graphic designers and strategy consultants. ach person brings a unique perspective on a problem or challenge, but everyone is committed to creating pioneering work, made with love.