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Him and Her by Fabio Novembre

Milan 08: Casamania launched the Him and Her chairs designed by Fabio Novembre at the furniture fair in Milan last month.


The chairs are made from polyethylene and are available in black, red and white.


The following text is from Fabio Novembre:


From the Book of Genesis: The Lord God crafted man from the earth and blew into him the breath of life and man was alive. And then the Lord God took a rib that he had taken from the man and from it crafted a woman and lead the woman unto the man. Now both the man and his wife were naked, and they felt no shame.


Him & Her are born directly from the ideas behind the Panton Chair. An evolution of the hermaphroditic original, declined into the harmony of the two sexes. They assume sculpted forms like naked models of seduction but they feel no shame.


Following two photos by Settimio Benedusi: