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Motorlight by Jake Dyson

Motorlight is a motorised uplighter that casts a variable angle of light, designed by Jake Dyson.

The angle of light is controlled by a cam wheel that can be adjusted to provide a precise wash, or set to automatically cycle from wide to narrow washes and back again.

Info from Dyson follows:


Motorlight - The first variable angle uplight

Motorlight enables you to vary light angles to suit different environments and needs - from ambient light through to spotlighting.

Mechanical focussing
Motorlight can be set to a precise angle of light or can be activated to cycle through continually adjusting angles to enhance the mood of your environment.

Variable Light Wash
You have the option to experiment and achieve the exact angle of light for a given situation. The effect of continually cycling the angle of light can be likened to 'active' mood lighting. This type of lighting can enhance the environment, with washes of light causing the room to feel like it is lifting and breathing.

The Motorlight range
Motorlight has a modernist aesthetic, which can work with any decor, whether minimal, clean and futuristic or retro chic. Designed and manufactured by Jake Dyson Limited.Motorlight is produced in exclusive batches of 500 units and is available in five colours: White Gloss, Black Gloss, Red Glow, Blue Glow and Clear Glow. Special edition colours are available on request.

Motorlight Construction
Motorlight is constructed using an innovative mix of materials. The outer casing is moulded from UV stabilised high grade polycarbonate for strength and durability.

The capsule reflector is super-pure clad aluminium for maximum light purity and brightness.

The base guide tube and cam wheel are made from aircraft grade aluminium and they are CNC precision machined to produce high quality components.