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Dezeen's top ten: stories with most comments

Dezeen's top ten: our latest monthly top ten rounds up the Dezeen stories that have attracted the most comments from readers since we launched:


1. In first place is Bruketa & Zinić's annual report for food company Podravka, which has to be baked before it can be read (above; 104 comments so far).


2. Jean Nouvel’s High Rise Office Building proposal for Doha in Qatar (109 comments so far - most of them smutty).


3. A sneak preview of Kanye West's New York apartment, designed by minimalist architect Claudio Silvestrin (95 comments).


4. Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Vilnius by Zaha Hadid Architects (80 comments).


5. The Cloud by Atelier Hapsitus, a speculative design for a resort city elevated 300 metres in the air above Dubai and supported on slanting legs resembling rain (76 comments).


6. Manned Cloud, a flying hotel proposed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud (75 comments).


7. A series of conceptual mousetraps by Roger Arquer, which are intended “only to catch mice, not to kill them” (74 comments).


8. A set of seven wine glasses inspired by the seven deadly sins by Kacper Hamilton (72 comments)


9. Casa 11 Mujeres (Eleven Women House), a cliff-top house near Santiago in Chile by architect Mathias Klotz (71 comments).


10. A condom applicator designed to help prevent aids (68 comments).

That's it for now; another top ten next month.

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