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ChargerFrame by Naolab

ChargerFrame is a device that charges electrical devices in a wall-mounted frame, created by new Shanghai-based design studio Naolab.


Chargers for devices such as mobile phones, electric shavers and mp3 players fit into sockets inside the frame, while the devices themselves hang from pegs or rest on the bottom ledge.


A master switch on one side of the frame allows users to switch off power to all devices in the frame.


The following information is from Naolab:


Naolab debuts with ChargerFrame, a limited edition project that transforms your electronic landscape into wall art. It is the hub for all your chargers – when you add a device, the picture changes. This active interplay between cables, gadgets and indicator lights is neatly framed and finished off by an energy-efficient master green switch.


The accessible, wall-mounted frame is optimal for managing the endurance of your important digital devices. Its’ design helps to organize and control your own energy consumption. Your everyday gadgets can be placed in the ChargerFrame hot spots and can then be easily switched off.


ChargerFrame hangs portrait and landscape.
750 x 550 x 120mm
Wood, veneer and electrical components.


Naolab creates new values by inventing intelligent objects – visionary and timeless. Naolab’s design and technology considers the whole of our lives and the whole of the earth.

We ask people to challenge the obvious, and in return Naolab promises to engage in disciplined questioning of form, function and infinite appeal. We pursue innovative design without being impeded by short-term goals and we always put the intelligence of our designs first.