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Siren MP3 player by PearsonLloyd

London-based product designers PearsonLloyd designed the Siren MP3 player for Signeo, which has just been launched in Japan.


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The following information is from PearsonLloyd:



The Siren MP3 player is an attempt to understand how pure function and reduced complexity can lead to a simple and harmonious design. Designed to be comfortable in the hand and pocket with no sharp edges and very slim buttons, the MP3 player has been sized and arranged to allow easy navigation with the additional function of a mirrored screen that can be used as a vanity mirror for females.


Modern technology has allowed huge changes to interface possibilities yet we still base the logic of communication on simple commands; stop, play, fast forward, pause etc. In addition the selection and control of the interface is still dependent on manipulation of our digits.


Update: PearsonLloyd have provided the following photo for scale.