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Sit lamp by Fiona Thomson

New Designers 08: Sit, a dog-shaped lamp with a glass shade for a head, is one of a range of designs based on 19th century forms by graduate designer Fiona Thomson.


Thomson, a graduate from the University of Brighton, presented the lamp and the two other products shown below at the New Designers showcase in London last month.


Here's some info from Thomson:


My collection re-visits a selection of 19th century iconic forms, which i have adapted and utilized for modern 21st century products. Each piece embodies hidden technology, transforming an ornamental object into a functional and practical object. Or as i like to say intelligence beneath the elegance!


Cordless Candelabra: A superior and celebrated icon of traditional ornate lighting design is transformed into a cordless lamp when lifted from its charging dock.


Ode to Beethoven: These Mp3 speakers provide a mass-produced, popular piece of technology with a decorative alternative accessory. This product raises the visual status of what is normally regarded as a subordinate attachment.


Sit: Inspired by large animal statues found in grand 19th century homes, this light combines the lavishly luxurious with the familiar nodding dog. Through the re-appropriation of the stately dog statue, the user is provided with a loyal obedient companion.