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Talent Zone competition winners

Debbie Smyth, whose Pins & Thread drawing of electricity pylons is shown above, is one of 15 graduate designers who have won our competition for free exhibition spaces at Talent Zone in the Tent London exhibition during the London Design Festival in September.


The competition was announced on Dezeen last month. Talent Zone will feature work by recent graduates from a range of disciplines including furniture, ceramics, textiles, graphics, jewellery and product design and takes place in the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane from 18-21 September this year. Above: Vessel of Tears by Ji-Hyun Yoo.


More information about the winners here. Above: The Bone Project by Andrew Ross is a collection of objects made of waste cow bones, which he collected from an abattoir. See our previous story on The Bone Project for more information.


Above: Physical Value of Sound by Yuri Suzuki (see our previous story).


Above: 7 Deadly Glasses by Kacper Hamilton, a set of seven wine glasses inspired by the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath (pictured), envy and pride. See our previous story for more pictures and information.


Above: KitRadio & Digital Unveiling (pictured) by Samuel Rhoads-Clarke. See more information about KitRadio in our previous story.


Above: My Vanitas (Skull Chair, The Brain - Footstool, Something Dead - Ceiling Lamp) by Vladi Rapaport is a range of furniture "inspired by the Dutch 'vanitas' still life paintings from the 16th and 17th century."


Above: Sentimental Collection by Anri Moolman.


Above: Memento by Charles Constantine is a coffee table that can be used as a burial casket.


Above: Building With Print by Mario Stadelmann - chairs with metal frames and seats made from discarded newspaper.


Above: Margate Collection by Zoe Murphy; reclaimed furniture with imagery taken from Murphy's home town of Margate in the UK.


Above: A Little Extra Space by Lucy Helme is a conceptual system where a custom-designed garden shed is computer-generated using data supplied by the customer, such as garden size and required level of sunlight.


Above: Balloon Furniture by Niels Schuurmans, a collection of furniture made from fibre-reinforced polyesther.


Above: Bamboo I-Beam Furniture by Tom Higgs, an experiment to find furniture applications for bamboo.


Above: Reflective Inspiration is a set of five rugs, hand tufted by Jason Donnell.


Above: Pins & Thread by Debbie Smyth is created by stretching threads between pins. Smyth says: "Myriad pins and lines of thread are given a new lease of life as floating linear structures. Each one plotted and measured accurately to depict the hated obtrusion of the electricity pylon which themselves are floating lines in space. Suspended interlocking stitched and printed units are mechanisms of movement and change as they play with power of pattern to emerge as light and shadow.