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iPod fridge-freezer by Gorenje

Slovenian domestic appliance brand Gorenje has developed a fridge-freezer with a built-in iPod docking station and speakers.


The product, launched at the IFA 2008 consumer electronics fair in Berlin this weekend, allows users to listen to music while cooking, browse online recipes or watch cookery videos.


See the kitchen designed by French designer Ora-Ito for Gorenje in our earlier story.


Here's more info from Gorenje:


Berlin, August 31 2008 – The IFA 2008 international fair, one of the world's largest consumer electronics fairs, opened today. For the first time this year, it also includes the HOME APPLIANCES@IFA exhibition which will feature all major household appliance manufacturers, including Gorenje. Gorenje's flagship innovation is undoubtedly the "Made for iPod" refrigerator the development of which is based on a license contract signed with Apple to acquire the right to use their technology in Gorenje appliances.


The fridge freezer with built-in speakers and a docking station for charging an iPod touch enables listening to music or playing back video contents ranging from music videos to video recipes. This combination is paving the way for new dimensions of cooking which is thus becoming an entertaining activity tailored to the preferences of the contemporary users.

Gorenje signs a contract with Apple
Fridge freezer "Made for iPod"

Gorenje signed a license agreement with Apple for the use of their technology in Gorenje refrigerators. Resulting from this cooperation, a unique combination of the iPod device and Gorenje fridge freezer was developed, offering the best of both. The license also includes the use of Apple logo "Made for iPod". This innovative – previously unseen – combination that made its debut at the world's largest consumer electronics fair IFA 2008 in Berlin is yet another result of Gorenje's fruitful innovation. The new project is intended to bring the use of household appliances closer to the contemporary consumer and show how modern information technology can make their use both simple and fun – just the way the user of tomorrow wants them.

Unique combination of electronic entertainment device – the cult iPod touch – and a modern fridge freezer from Gorenje opens up new dimensions of living, fun, cuisine, and household tasks. Specially designed and developed Gorenje fridge features a docking station that enables charging the iPod, playing back music and video through built-in speakers, and connecting to the world-wide-web, if wireless connection is available in the kitchen. iPod has conquered the world, and new Gorenje appliances with interactive functions are conquering contemporary kitchens as they anticipate and set new trends.

The revolutionary wi-fi interface for touch control, paired with the world's most popular music playback device, enables searching, browsing, or downloading contents from the internet, and enjoying music, TV shows, movies, or video podcasts. The combination of the cult playback device and refrigerator thus extends the pleasures offered by each of them. The sound is played back through built-in speakers, while video is displayed on the iPod screen. Wireless internet connectivity complements the functionality of the high-tech refrigerator as various household tasks and appliance operation becomes simpler and above all, more fun.

The users can browse and display recipes in text or video format, check the instructions for washing the clothes or – in addition to their favorite music – listen to tips related to household tasks. Gorenje also launched the development of a web portal iGorenje which will offer various contents related to cooking and other household tasks. The portal will be optimized for display on the iPod touch and other mobile devices.