Conversations in Bronze at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

An exhibition of furniture by French artists Vincent Dubourg and Ingrid Donat entitled Conversations in Bronze opened earlier this month at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London, England.


The show features conceptual tables and chairs in bronze. Top: Exile by Vincent Dubourg. Above: Napoléan à Trotinette by Vincent Dubourg.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery, owned by Loïc Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail, specialises in collectible works by established and emerging contemporary designers. Above: Table Basse Anneaux by Ingrid Donat


The show runs until 4 October. Below: Boite Noir by Vincent Dubourg.


The following is from Carpenters Workshop Gallery:


Showcasing new limited-edition artwork by contemporary artists Ingrid Donat and Vincent Dubourg. Donat's new bronze commodes and tables with highly scarified surface texture float on the edge of classicism, while evoking the influence of an art deco, tribal tattooing and the work of Gustav Klimt. They are at once timeless and ultra contemporary.


Dubourg's poetic works discuss the strenght of nature. Often starting life with a man-made found object, he twists and contorts young branches until they work together harmoniously raising a dialogue between man and nature, between the conceptual and the functional, the handmade and the mass produced.


The exhibition highlights a different approach from a designer: both starting on a creative journey without a preconceived idea of how the piece will turn out. Their functionality often appears a later stage in the production, allowing for freedom to create conceptual objects d'art which grow organically into finished pieces.


Above: Vent sur la Table by Vincent Dubourg.


Above: Commode Dark by Vincent Dubourg


Above: Vent sur la Table by Vincent Dubourg


Above: Commode Primitive by Ingrid Donat


Above: Console Bicyclette by Ingrid Donat


Above: Table Basse aux Pieds Carres by Ingrid Donat


Above: Table Basse Anneaux by Ingrid Donat


Above: Table Basse Anneaux by Ingrid Donat


Above: Table Basse Anneaux by Ingrid Donat