Changing Dimensions by Royal College of Art graduates

Design graduates from the Royal College of Art in London presented an exhibition of their work called Changing Dimensions last month.


The show, curated by  Oscar Diaz and Henny Van Nistelrooy , was held at 30 Thurloe Place, London SW7 from 17 - 21 September. Below: Tablecloth by Henny van Nistelrooy


The following information is from the designers:


Profile by Oscar Diaz (below)
A family of simple lamps inspired by aluminium rulers. All elements on the lamp are clipped on the profile reducing the number of holding parts.


The cable covers the fixings on the wall and becomes the central element on the light, rather that something to hide.


Chest Pieces and Other Bodies by Bernadette Deddens (below)
Miniature spaces with maximum comfort.


Cityscapes, oak containers, a checkered floor and a staircase transform into accessories that aim to recreate a sense of private space in public.


The mug, the book and the light by Bas Kools & Yohanna-My Nguyen (below) We use another kind of dictionary!


A dictionary of free association. We provide tools for looking and thinking.


Tablecloth by Henny Van Nistelrooy (below)
This table is the first outcome of an ongoing process of making objects with high strength fibres as Kevlar and glass fibre.


Aim of this project is to make use of the characteristics of these materials when they are in a "dry" condition. This is when these are not impregnated with resin and they are a soft fabric.


Freeloader by Jochem Faudet
Freeloader is a site-specific growing environment utilizing existing architectural structures.


Outside, Rainwater is collected and stored in a tank from the drainage. Inside, by the window, plants can safely grow and are automatically watered by a gravity fed system from the tank outside.


Chimney Pot Stools by Jonathan Legge (below)
There is no big concept, no attempt at something particularly new, just a simple set of stools fabricated from terracotta chimney pots and oak.


They are not objects asking for any great intellectual understanding, rather they are here and they are for use.


Fabricated Lampshades by David Sutton (below)


The result of physical exploration these objects rely on the inherent flexibility and tension of steel sheet to create natural structure and form.


Water powered timers for the bathroom by David Weatherhead (below)


A family of water powered timers for the bathroom that encourage a more efficient use of water and energy, and represent time in keeping with the wet environment.


Table shedding by Liliana Ovalle (below)
The snake crawled out of its old remains, proudly wearing a new skin, so soft, so smooth.


For a moment it stared back and recognized something of its old self lying on the ground.


Folding stool by Luka Stepan
Stool borrows the parallel action mechanism from task lighting and the dimensions from a bicycle seat - giving an alternative take on a traditional typology.


The foot and seat remain always parallel making the stool extremely compact for storage.