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Myth and Material by Doshi Levien

Myth and Material, an exhibition of work by designers Doshi Levien for Moroso, has opened at the Italian brand's showroom in New York.


Doshi Levien will show a number of pieces influenced by Indian culture, and designed specifically for Moroso.


The exhibition will continue until 18 October at the Moroso showroom at 146 Greene Street, New York.


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The following is from Doshi Levien:


'Myth and Material' opens in New York

Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien's installation Myth and Material which Silvera presented in Paris for Designer's Days, starts travelling and goes to America.


On this occasion, Doshi Levien present all their products designed for Moroso, giving the exhibition space a very exotic feel with My Beautiful Backside sofas, Principessa and Charpoy daybeds, sparkling mirrors and kaleidoscopic Rangoli carpets.


Through an irreverent, spontaneous use of colours and materials, Doshi Levien's installation explores and describes the influence that Indian culture has on their designs.


Myth and Material looks at the many aspects of India's multilayered modern culture and emphasises, in a very natural way, how opposites coexist harmoniously: sensuousness with the spiritual and austere; functionality with creativity and imagination.


The mirrors on the far wall are screen printed with enlarged graphic diagrams of 5 ways to stitch mirrors onto textile, a traditional Indian applique that is used to ward off the evil eye.


The Rangoli rugs, consisting of stitched layers of industrial felt, resemble patterns made using rice or coloured powder at the threshold of Indian homes during festivals or special occasions.


These are to welcome guests. Graphic symbols of Lakshmi's feet are featured on the showroom door, welcoming the Goddess of wealth; commerce and spirituality go hand in hand!


The mirrors and rugs were designed specifically for the installation and both designs are now being developed for production due to popular demand!