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Aloe by Discoh

Spanish designers Discoh have created a sex toy inspired by the aloe vera plant.


Called Aloe, the product comes packaged in a "pot" and its function only becomes apparent once removed.


Here's some text from the designers:



Physical stimulation. Aesthetic pleasure.
A complicit wink able to be a natural part of our daily environment.

“Aloe” reimagines the role of erotic toys, becoming itself a piece that rises from obscurity to become an integral part of any home. An object of worship. An unexpected gift.

The model gets inspiration from the well-known Aloe-Vera, and shows a refined silhouette that only reveals its true aim once its two pieces are separated (plant + pot)

According to its creators, “Aloe gives the user the chance to choose. It's a dildo. But visually it can also be a plant. It can be a perfect gift or even an elegant way of ending a relationship”.

“Aloe” features a rigid smooth surface and a packaging that draws inspiration from the high-cosmetics world.

“Aloe” will be produced on demand in a very limited edition. If you are interested, enter your e-mail address and we will keep you up to date on prices and estimated delivery times.

Technical Information:

Approximate Dimensions:

Length: 208 Mm.
Maximun Thickness: 36 Mm.
Minimun Thickness: 8 Mm.
Packaging Dimensions: 220.4 x 67 x 50.2