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Brooches by Mr Jones Watches

Designer Crispin Jones of Mr Jones Watches in London has created two new brooch designs.


The face of The Resolver (above) displays the words 'yes' and 'no' alternately, while Loves Me (top image) displays 'Loves me' and 'Loves me not'. The wearer can stop the mechanism to read the answer to a question by pulling up the winding crown.


The brooches are each produced in a limited edition of 25.


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The following information is from Mr Jones Watches:


Mr Jones Watches has released a pair of limited edition sterling silver brooches. The brooches have kinetic, animated displays, just like our watches (but without the clutter of the hour and minute hands!) The brooches are interactive objects - they can be used to answer questions, or resolve romantic dilemmas...

The brooches are designed by Crispin Jones and are hand crafted and hallmarked in England. They are each produced in a limited edition of 25 pieces and come in a wooden MJW presentation box with a signed limited-edition card.

The Resolver

The Resolver contains the essence of the Decider watches: The face of the brooch alternates the words "YES" and "NO" in a colourful optical pattern. This brooch is interactive - it can be used to make decisions: simply think of a question and then pull-up the winding crown to pause the mechanism, whatever the display is showing is your answer.

The Resolver £230 (US$295 / €270*)

Loves Me

This brooch contains the essence of the Loves Me watch, the design is inspired by the game of effeuiller la marguerite in which “loves me, loves me not” is spoken while plucking the petals of a flower. The display on Loves Me rhythmically alternates the phrases "Loves Me" / "Loves Me Not".

Loves Me is also interactive - it can be used to answer a romantic dilemma: think of the object of your affections and then pull up the winding crown (this will temporarily pause the mechanism). Whatever the display is showing is cupid's verdict.

Loves Me £230 (US$295 / €270*)