Dining Agenda by Sara Ferrari and Marcella Fiori

London-based, Italian designers Sara Ferrari and Marcella Fiori have designed a book of place mats for note-taking during meals.


The book has a wooden cover with press-out cutlery and contains 14 disposable, paper place mats with a space in the corner intended for writing notes.


Photography by Marcella Fiori.


Here's some more info from the designers:


Dining Agenda is a bi-weekly journal of disposable place mats. It contains 14 pieces, one for each day of that fortnight.


Simply tear off the appropriate day's page to use the place mat wherever and whenever you fancy something to eat; breakfast, lunch or even a quick-stop tea break.


Write notes or daily reminders on the right corner not forgetting to tear them off before throwing away the rest of the mat.


And if you happen to forget the cutlery, you can always take it from the agenda cover.


The cover is made from wood and the place mats; from recycled paper.