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Soft Oak chair by Pepe Heykoop

Milan 09: Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop presented Soft Oak chair as part of Dutch Invertuals in Milan last month.


The chair has a thin, wooden frame with a large backrest and wings.


The seat and backrest are made of squashy foam covered in a mosaic of oak pieces.


Dutch Invertuals was an exhibition showcasing the work of former Design Academy Eindhoven students.


Heykoop also exhibited Brickchair (see our previous story) at the show. 


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Here are some more details from Dutch Invertuals:


Studio Pepe Heykoop can be described as a one man studio with a curiosity for technique. Though Pepe isn’t technically founded, his learning from trial and error might be why he’s about to explore, combining poetry with technique, to tell his stories.


Most of his work deals with fragility and so does the Brickchair; a reaction to a drawing of a normal chair (made by James Gulliver Hancock). It’s the interpretation of the drawing that inspired the project. Pepe and James saw something different in the same drawing. The Soft Oak chair is about the contrast in its framework. It has a little secret kept in the seat. To get rid of the fabric, Pepe applied a mosaic of oak wood to the cushions so it looks like a massive block held by thin legs.


Dutch Invertuals
A group of independent designers from Eindhoven, united by their common vision in design, present their latest work in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2009. In collaboration with the Italian label Verger, these former Design Academy students will show that design originates from exploration, by taking familiar materials out of their usual context and putting them to use in an uncommon and therefore surrealistic way. Cardboard is used as a carpet, vegetable juices are transformed into ink, masses of bound needles are transformed into ‘human fur’ and suitcases shift shape with store cabinets.

Each of the designers have a different background, resulting in a meltdown of different disciplines such as graphic, fashion, food and material design. This unique and diverse exposition is made possible by Verger, who will be showing their new line of clothing for 2009, as well as their latest project: a chandelier designed by former cashmere designer Lucia Bossiso.

Verger Store
Via Varese 1
20121 Milan

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