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Drip Grip and XY by Nosigner

Japanese designer Nosigner has designed Drip Grip and XY, two new concepts for Japanese mobile phone company KDDI.


Drip Grip is a set of self-adhesive, water drop shaped grips to be affixed to mobile phones.


The grips are intended to prevent the device from slipping from the user's hand.


XY is a device that allows the user to split the audio output from a mobile phone between three people.


The shape of XY also allows it to act as a cable tidy for attached audio leads by winding them around its body when not in use or shortening wires as required when being used.


Here's some words from Nosigner:


Drip Grip (KDDI design prototype)

I suppose you must have an experience to having dropped off your mobile phone at least once."Drip Grip" is drops of water shaped slip stoppers for a mobile phone. When we notice the existence of water drops, we rarely see a single drop of water but see overall condition that the surface is "wet". It can be said that drops of water are almost transparent In our daily life. "Drip Grip" resembles a phenomena of nature; exist on the surface of your mobile phone transparently, almost invisible in order to protect your phone from dropping.


XY (KDDI design prototype)

XY was born to connect. This is the design for enhancing connections among people / objects. The natural structure of connection such as structure of bones or root of trees are very similar. XY was born by realizing natural structure of connection, which connects people,structures and things. XY enables to share sound with 3 people for sharing phone calls, music and videos. Also, XY rewinds audio cord tidily. This "connection" design may serve you new communication.


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