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Nosigner at 100% Design

Nosigner at 100% Design

Nosigner is a new design brand that will be showing at 100% Design in London later this week, during the London Design Festival.

Products on show at 100% Design include the Pokkari light made of feathers (top), Arborism table (above) and Spring Rain light (below).450arborizm2.jpg
Products on show at 100% Design include the Pokkari light made of feathers (top), Arborism table (above) and Spring Rain light (below).

The Nosigner brand is the brainchild of a Japanese designer who prefers to remain anonymous.

Here is some info from Nosigner:


What is 'nosigner´?

Nosigner is a new occupational title who designs which cannot see. The word "design" originates from the latin word "designare" meaning de-sign. On the other hand, "nosign" means no-sign which has no signature on it. Nosigner is somebody who designs invisible thing without explicit signature.



Arborism is a table which has tree form arms. The design of the unique arms has been configured by the fractal algorithm called "Tree Curve." So the design is as same as the branch structure of a real tree.


The interesting point of this design is that it was completed not by the arbitrary work of the designer but by the natural logic of nature itself. By being adapted to urban life recently, we are now far away from the natural life.

In order to regain our longing natural life, I propose the rehabilitation method by living surrounded by the products of which design hold natural logic.

Spring Rain

The Asian pasta "bean-starch vermicelli" is called "spring rain" in Japanese named by chinese characters of it. This is a lighting made by bean-starch vermicelli. As a matter of course, it is edible when boiled.


Vermicelli is a naturally made biodegradable plastic and can be said ecological product for recycling use. I propose "edible" product which has no trashes when dumped for saving our living environment!


Photo: Masaharu Hatta


If a lamp is a product, which brings sunny light in a room, a lampshade can be though as a product which brings a cloud indoors for protecting us from strong sun (a lamp).


This lamp imitates cloud made of real feather. Even if this is a new product I feel familiar with this one. Because we may know unconsciously both feather and clouds exist up in the sky.


Photo: Masaharu Hatta


"Sumi" is a redesign product of "Yusan-bako" which is a traditional picnic box/sweets box descended in Tokushima prefecture; one of the islands located to western part of Japan.


"Yusan-bako" is three-tiered food boxed with twofold outer boxes for portable uses. Traditional "Yusan-bako" has two holes on both sides of outer boxes. By changing the position of these holes to the edge of the outer boxes, this box realized of pulling out of inner boxes by one hand as well as excellent design of handle and lid.


These days, the outstanding work of craftmens' technique tend to be lost by the massive production and consumption. I try to uphold the craftsmen work as well as local industry by adding the essence of design work opposing to the automated product works.

"Sumi" has been come about one of these challenges I collaborated with the woodwork- craftsmen in Tokushima prefecture.

Photos: Masaharu Hatta