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HU by Ross Lovegrove for Issey Miyake

Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove has created a watch for Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake.


Called Hu (short for 'human'), the watch casing wraps around the wearer's wrist and has a silicon strap in grey, white or black. Its convex watch face is angled 25 degrees to the right.


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Here's some text from Lovegrove:


New watch series created by the collaboration between ISSEY MIYAKE and Ross Lovegrove

The ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH Project which started in 2001 has invited a British industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove to create its new watch series. The concept of the new watch is "Human". Made of titanium which is gentle to the skin and non-allergic, the extended case naturally wraps the wrist bone. By tilting the face 25 degrees to the right from the 12-6 direction, it is easier to read the time. In addition, the face is convex in both 12-6 and 3-9 directions, which results in the delicate effect on the dial image. Silicon is used for the band, because it is safe for the human body. With the pursuit of the concept, "human" in both the creation of the form and the use of the material, a new watch is made to fuse the form and materials.

"'Hu' simply means human. A clear and pure statement embodied in a timepiece for ISSEY MIYAKE. In many ways it is a fusion between the incredible works of Issey-san, his constant invention, respect for materials and almost spiritual serenity in the way his clothes relate to the human form. It truly is a creative bonding and all my life long feelings about watches as a prosthetic extension of the body, the concept of anatomical contouring and the organic sculptural possibilities of materials that integrate into one single skin."

The design will be launched on 15 September in Japan, the USA and Europe.