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House in Matsuyama by Suppose Design Office

Another project by recent Dezeen regulars Suppose Design Office: this time a house in Matsuyama, Japan, designed to offer a view of the surrounding scenery from every room.


Walls integral to the structure of the building have been scattered across the floor-plan, opening various clear views through the structure while maintaining the building's required earthquake resistance.


The toilet can be hidden from view by a curtain attached to a rail in the ceiling (see readers' concerns in our previous story).


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Here's some text from Suppose:


House in Matsuyama

This Matsuyama home was designed for enjoying the view. In the usual way of thinking, there are rooms with a good view and rooms without.


By spacing out structurally necessary walls we've created a design where a good view can be had from anywhere, but that still possess earthquake resistant elements


This also allows for larger openings, which were difficult with wood frame houses


This design allows for the viewing of many different scenes, moving beyond the concept of background and foreground scenery, and bringing everything into the foreground. This is type of home we aimed to build.