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İzz cafe and restaurant by Uğur Köse and Batu Palmer

Turkish architects Uğur Köse and Batu Palmer have designed a tapas restaurant inspired by ocean currents in Istanbul, Turkey,


Located in a historic building, the renovation involved hiding mechanical elements and pipes behind a wooden shell, shaped to resemble waves.


Here's some text from the designer:


İzz Cafe&Restaurant, being faithful to a historic building and still creating a contemporary space, was created with the leadership of Interior architects Ugur Köse and Batu Palmer.


The interior design aims to bring together the collaboration of artists and designers from various disciplines with gastronomy, and therefore popularizing the design culture.


Embracing the historical theme of the building in which Izz Cafe&Restaurant is situated in, the same way as Damien Hirst treats the space for his dissection upon animals, it was created as a new, contemporary and original space. Considering it as a whole but still working on the finer details of the space with full attention, Izz Café&Restaurant turned out to be distinctive space.


Connecting to the district in which it is located in by an organic bond, using the elements of the area in which it is located in, also know as “Akıntı Burnu” (Peninsula of Currents), the effects of these currents in the form of waves has been used with in the space.


The dynamic and ever changing character of the sea, being used as the inspiration, makes İzz Cafe&Restaurant a dynamic space.