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ITSOK Fluorescents by Sighn

Artist Sighn has made fifty sets of fluorescent-painted cutouts saying "IT'S OK" as part of his limited edition of one million.


Sighn began cutting the pieces by hand from scrapwood in his workshop last year - see our previous story. He expects the project to take up to 60 years to complete.


"I've been working away on the project, and close to cutting 5,000 so far," says Sighn.


"I know I have a ways to go, but it's such a fun process."


The fluorescent editions are numbered 4,191 to 4,440 and are available in sets of five from Multi Polar Projects.


For every piece sold Sighn plants a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation.


Watch a movie about the process here.


Here's a little information from Sighn:


ITSOK Fluorescent 5 Piece Set
Hand cut by Sighn

These pieces are numbered 4,191 - 4,440 as a part of the "Limited" Edition of 1 Million.

Each set of 5 is in numerical order.

2.5" x 3" x .5" Basswood

Limited to 50 sets.

The face of each piece is painted in a fluorescent color. The Florescent 5 Set includes: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, & Yellow

5 trees are planted through The Arbor Day Foundation for every ITSOK Set purchase