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A Scent bottle by Arik Levy for Issey Miyake

Israeli designer Arik Levy has designed a perfume bottle for fashion designer Issey Miyake.


Called A Scent, the bottle is based on an extruded profile with rough sides and a clear view through the inside from front to back.


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Here's some more information from Levy:


Developing this design was a great challenge for me, because it required to build a “bridge” between issey Miyake’s philosophy and mine… i had to create the “new”, being utterly innovative and have zero compromises.


It was a great creative process where all sides were enthusiastic and everybody was aiming to achieve excellent results.


I have capitalized the narrative form of a bottle, given it a new definition and added a refining value to it. The reference point was the notion of raw-industrial-art.


When handling a raw block of glass out of the mould and cutting it, we discover the great contrast between the absolute transparency of the core and the rough sides… that also expresses the main concept of the extrusion.


I used the extrusion idea to create the connection between Miyake’s concepts in fashion and my definition of the container’s size.


The rest of the line, bath gel, body lotion and other products are in continuity with this concept.


Thanks to this bottle we get away from the proportional scale container sizing that is so common in the cosmetic industry.