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Una Sistema by Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Danese

More from Italian brand Danese: Italian designer Carlotta de Bevilacqua has designed a lighting system with interchangeable LED heads.


Called Una Sistema, the product can be configured as for desk, reading, floor, wall or ceiling use and features a multi-directional swivelling joint that allows the head to point in almost any direction.


Three interchangeable LED panels (above) slot onto an aluminum arm to provide different light levels and qualities.


Here's some more information from Danese:


Una Sistema

Una is the natural evolution of the desk light Ina, system that due to its infinite and varying creative features meets the continuously changing functional and emotional needs of man at home, work or in public and private places. It is designed to illuminate infinite environments and its light lends itself to being interpreted in many different ways. Una system is provided with a small joint that allows a 360° rotation on two axis and a 180° rotation on the third one ensuring a total freedom of movement to the two arms and heads that Una connects mechanically and electrically.


Two thin arms in aluminium with a printed circuit only 3 mm thick allow the user to make up diverse versions. In different sequences, various lengths and connecting terminals can be combined, thus creating desk, reading, floor, wall, ceiling and binary versions.


At the extremities of these sequences three different luminous terminals can be positioned:
-a head with an integrated arm and ninety 0,09W LEDs - six facing the opposite side to create a luminous sign
-a head like the previous one but more compacted and less stretched out
-a compacted head with nine 1,5W LEDs with optics that regulate the light and its focusing


The lamp can hold different positions and orientations ensuring therefore precise modulation of the light. The intensity and spread of the area illuminated are determined by the different positions held by the arm on one joint only. This articulated dynamics is possible because the structure is extremely light due to the circuits that feed the LEDs.


Consequently, the shape is that of a very flat iconic profile whose aesthetics arises from technical, constructive, electrical and structural features. That is why Una is a basic but highly technological product. This differentiation of functions and performances results from uncomplicated technological competence and specificity.  This system is created by the combination of a few simply shaped elements that are produced easily and made of one material only.


materials & finishes:

aluminium with painted circuit board