Cloud Walk Chandelier by Yu Jordy Fu

London Design Festival 09: London designer Yu Jordy Fu showed a 9m-long chandelier made from hand-cut paper at 100% Design last week.

The piece, called Cloud Walk Chandelier, is composed of 25 smaller paper lights joined together, all of which are cut freehand from recycled paper and which can be bought separately.

The chandelier is a continuation of Yu Jordy Fu's previous project, Cloud Lamps (see our previous story).

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Here's some more information from Yu Jordy Fu:


All handmade with recycled paper,  ‘Cloud Walk’ celebrates the spatial relationship between people and the city -  the existing, proposed and imaginary London.

‘Cloud Walk’ chandelier is modular - made with 25 'Cloud' sections, they can be purchased individually and reconfigured into different size for various residential or commercial uses after 100% design.

GBP 595.00 per 'Cloud' section (H1220mm x W500mm x D500mm), home installing package includes high quality flexible LED strip light, Jordy designed Cloud Greeting Card, white display box and FREE shipping within UK, VAT included.

‘Cloud Walk’ is light-weight, all treated with none-flammable spray. The Cloud Walk chandelier is sustainable: the material is recycled paper, the method of production is handmade, and the product is to be used with energy-saving LED light sources. By introducing  the Chinese paper-cutting tradition into a contemporary use, the chandelier is sustaining a culture.