Trunks by Malafor

Polish Design Season: Gdańsk-based design duo Malafor have designed a seat made of a solid piece of oak wrapped in steel.

The stools have a metal handle on one side and are made with a polished stainless steel surface or painted in bright colours.

Malafor presented the project as part of an exhibition called Polska Folk at Tent London during the London Design Festival last week.

More details about Polish Design Season on Dezeen here.

Here's a little bit of text from Malafor:



It is a seat made of a piece of oak wood cut crosswise and dressed in stainless steel - either with a shiny, mirror-like, or painting finish. The trunk has a handle, so you can take it whenever you like without making any fuss about it.

materials: oak wood, painting stainless sheet, aluminum stripe, aluminum line
measurements: h 45cm/ diameter 30cm