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Theatre chair for Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre by Studio Arne Quinze

Studio Arne Quinze have designed theatre seating for the newly-opened Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre by REX and OMA (see our previous story) in Dallas, USA.

The theatre space is designed to be reconfigured according to the requirements of each performance and the chairs are meant to be easily moved, stored away, grouped together or fixed to the floor - watch a movie here.

Seat numbers are digitally-displayed on a small panel fixed to the metal frame that supports the upholstered chair.

The chairs were produced by Italian design brand Moroso.

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Here's some more information from the designer:


For REX and OMA’s new Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas, Studio Arne Quinze has exclusively designed a new theatre chair that will be one of the main elements in this revolutionary concept in theatre design. The project is a collaboration between SAQ and Moroso, who takes care of the production of the upholstered seats.

The chairs are designed to be easily removable and offer a simple and efficient storage concept, which allows for maximum space flexibility on the theatre's flat floor. Ganged together or fixed to the floor, various different settings can be created.

Seat numbers are digitally displayed on a small panel below the seating. A rotational and stop mechanism is hidden in the armrest.

Development: SAQ, REX, Moroso, Quinze & Milan
Consultants: Theater Projects Consultants (TPC)