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Wreath Project by Agnieszka Lasota

Polish Design Season: here's a Polish design classic. Agnieszka Lasota's lamp design is inspired by the Polish tradition of hanging a wreath on the roof of a building to mark the completion of its construction.

The Wreath Project is an indoor version to be hung once the user has finished decorating.

Each lamp is hand-made and has approximately 120 pieces of silk ribbon knotted to a wire spiral, available in a variety of colours and lengths.

Here's some information from the designer:


The Wreath Project is inspired by an old Polish tradition to hang a wreath on the top of a roof as a sign of completing construction, and at the same time act as a symbol of joy and feast.

The Wreath Project is a unique yet functional object full of possibilities - it's final style and look depends on the user's choice of color and materials. The main objective of Agnieszka Lasota as the designer was to create a simple product for every household with no limits except in our imagination.

"I wish that my wreath would be an inexpensive gift for all those who have finished redecoration - as a symbol of joy and good luck. depending on needs and the imagination of its owner the wreath can change color and length. It is possible to hang small decorations or other objects on it. Design invites interaction." explains Agnieszka Lasota.

The Wreath Project Lamp is handmade, small imperfections and variations in size are possible and normal. each one is a unique object of art.

The Wreath Project Lamp is made from a 60cm diameter wire spiral construction. The decorative unit consists of more than 120 knots of  silk ribbon with an overall length of more than 130 metres. Total weight approx. 600g. length approx. 30 to 50cm.

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