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Competition: five copies of Chroma to be won

Dezeen and architecture and design book publisher Birkhäuser are offering readers the chance to win  one of five copies of Chroma - Design, Architecture and Art in Colour by Barbara Glasner & Petra Schmidt.

Chroma surveys the use of colour across the disciplines of architecture, design and art, organised into the chapters 'monochromatic,' 'multichromatic,' and 'achromatic.'

The hardback book also profiles established figures such as Konstantin Grcic and Gerhard Richter, as well as younger artists like Stefan Diez, for whom colour plays an instrumental role in their work.

This competition is now closed.

Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Here's more from publisher Birkhäuser:


Chroma - Design, Architecture, and Art in Color
Barbara Glasner & Petra Schmidt

Designers and architects have to make decisions regarding color every day. But how does one find the necessary inspiration? The appropriate color? How do other designers and artists deal with the issue?

With 'Chroma,' the Greek word for color, as its title, this illustrated book provides answers to these questions and makes it clear that color is much more than mere decoration – it is one of the central problems of creative work. In the process, 'Chroma' embraces the sensuous experience of color, inspiring and seducing the reader with unusual projects, from industrial products to color field painting.

The book presents works by younger designers like Stefan Diez and Arik Levy as well as famous artists like Ellsworth Kelly. All of the works are presented in large-scale reproductions and also in a kind of color gradient, in which they are assigned to the chapters 'monochromatic,' 'multichromatic,' and 'achromatic.' The spectrum encompasses all conceivable shades and combinations, from brilliant and colorful through tasteful and subdued all the way to black-and-white contrasts.

An additional chapter analyzes the work of outstanding artists, architects, and designers like Gerhard Richter, Konstantin Grcic, and Sauerbruch Hutton, who grapple with color to an unusual degree and have formulated characteristic chromatic worlds. An alphabetical index provides background information on the artists and studios selected.

Approx. 320 p. 380 illus. in color
24,0 x 30,0 cm. Hardcover.
ISBN: 978-3-0346-0092-7. English.
© 2010, Birkhäuser


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Congratulations to the winners! Daniele Mauro in Italy, Gustavo Pestana in Brazil, Dagnija Smilga in Austria, Julien Benayoun in France and Nathan John in the US.