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Form 2 by Fuseproject

San Francisco designer Yves Behar of Fuseproject has designed a sex toy in collaboration with Ethan Imboden of sex toy brand JimmyJane.

The design features two positionable, independently-powered tips. It has rechargeable batteries and is waterproof.

Called Form 2, the product is the first in a collection called Pleasure to the People. Further launches are planned for March and May next year.

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Here's some more information from Fuseproject:


Jimmyjane is pleased to announce the introduction of FORM 2, the first launch of PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE, a groundbreaking new series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators designed by Yves Bchar and Ethan Imboden., the company's founder. THe collaboration underscores the company's commitment to remaining Sexual Wellbeing with an emphasis on design excellence, unparalleled quality and - of course - pleasure.

Imboden launched Jimmyjane in 2004, at a time when design had yet to touch the vibrator and sex accessories market, and has since led the company to innovation leadership of the rapidly expanding industry. Jimmyjane remains the only company in the Sexual Wellbeing market to have been honoured with prestigious design industry accolades., including AIGA, I.D., and IDEA awards.

"Design can reshape markets by putting consumer experience first. When he founded Jimmyjane, Ethan took on a challenging and controversial subject, and over the years has transformed our perceptions and expectations of sexual products," notes Béhar. "Disruptive companies like Jimmyjane who lead by design are central to or design-venture approach at fuseproject, so it was natural that our friendship and natural admiration transitioned into an intensive collaboration."

When the collaboration commenced in 2007, the brief called for the development of a single product. However, as work got underway, the two designers discovered there were numerous opportunities that they wanted to explore. The project was expanded to a series of three distinct designs and innovations, each with a unique power to please. The first of the vibrators to be introduced is FORM 2, a compact design featuring two flexible vibrating ears that move independently for perfect positioning. Unlike any other vibrator - including the iconic "Rabbit" featured on Sex and the City - the tip of each ear is individually powered for dynamic stimulation, delivering "Sensation in Stereo" which can offer more than twice the intensity of the products previously available.

"FORM 2 is a definite departure from the typical products in this category. It has a refined and simple presence, but behind the smooth and ergonomic geometry we concealed a great number of engineering, material and manufacturing breakthroughs." says Béhar.

FORM 2 will be available for sale through on November 1st and in stores November 15th. FORM 3 and FORM 4 promise to be every bit innovative as FORM 2, and will launch March 2010 and May 2010, respectively. These new additions to the company's best-selling line of FORM Vibrators all incorporate Jimmyjane's proprietary Waterproof Recharging Technology, first introduced with the launch of FORM 6. This system enables the vibrators to be completely washable nod bath-friendly, and to never require replacement batteries. All designs features medical-grade silicone, are completely body-safe, and are backed by Jimmyjane's unparalleled 3 Year Limited Warranty.

"If anything should be beautifully made and designed, it's the products involved in our sexuality," states Imboden. "For jimmyjane, it's not a question of creating a look. It's about offering an exceptional, new experience. As soon as we get that right, the rest follows naturally. Working together, Yves and I have been able to push the boundaries of these experiences even further. FORM 2is a great introduction to the innovation that we've incorporated into each go the PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE designs."

During the development process, FORM became known as "Little Perky" - but the designers are quick to point out - "you can name yours whatever you'd like"

To each their own.