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Dejection-moulding by Manuel Jouvin

French designer Manuel Jouvin has created packaging for cooked snails made of dyed snail excrement.

Snails are encouraged to eat coloured paper, which alters the colour of the raw material.

Called Dejection-Moulding, the project was developed in collaboration with snail farmer Sylvie Pierru.

Here's some text from Jouvin:


Post-graduation project "Dejection-molding"

During my researches, I pointed out that colored paper has an influence on color snail excrements.

In partnership with Sylvie Pierru, a snailfarmer in Picardie (France), we created packagings made of snail excrements and destinated to cooked snails. They are realised in the molding cellulose process by replacing recyclable paper by snail dejections.

Dimensions: 285x70x30mm