GP practice by Vasd architects

Dutch architects Vasd have completed the interior of a doctor's surgery in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The project involved constructing a new building with an extra storey inside the existing listed walls.

The practice accommodates six doctors and includes a waiting room on a mezzanine floor.

Here's some text from Vasd:


Vasd has completed a gp practice in the Hague, the Netherlands

This listed building in The Hague was transformed into a modern practice for six GPs.

To accommodate all of the facilities, a new building with an extra floor was built into the historic outer shell.

The new decor exudes serenity and a sense of space.

A mezzanine makes the waiting room light and airy, while the transparent reception desk opposite the front door provides a good overview.

Apart from the furniture, VASD also designed the house style, based on a red cross and two plasters.

A number of striking colour and design accents create a warm atmosphere featuring brightly coloured desks, couches and closets in the same red tint as the house style.

The wall boasts a selected piece of prose by Dutch writer Simon Vestdijk.