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Peak Oil by Charlie Davidson

British designer Charlie Davidson has designed a coffee table as a monument to the "oil age".

Above photograph © Tim Allen

Called Peak Oil, the product features a glass top on a glossy black base derived from the shape of a mahogany tree stump.

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Here's some more information from Davidson:


The origins of oil date back some 65 to 500 million years and originated when organic matter such as trees and plants combined with hydrocarbons and pressure to form oil saturated rocks. This oil eventually leached out to form pockets that got trapped between impermeable layers of shale.

Since the human race is soon going to see the end of the ‘oil age’ as we know it, and it is not going to take long, it would only be fitting to produce an iconic and sickly reminder of those times to pass.

The table takes its basic form from the trunk of a mahogany tree which has been rendered with the glossy black plastic surface, a synthetic tomb stone if you like.