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Minimal sculptural items by Shigeichiro Takeuchi

Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi of shigeichiro studio has designed a minimal rubbish bin (above) and a shoehorn (below).


The aluminium bin has a wooden lid that tilts without a mechanism.


The plastic shoehorn fits onto a conical wooden base.


Here's a bit of text from the designer:



The cylinder is simply cut diagonally and the mouth is covered with a wooden board. This is a dust bin with lid.


Because the diagonal mouth is at a slightly different level, the lid can balance on it without additional components which also make it easily removable for trash taken off and cleaning.


Material: aluminum, hard maple wood.

This form which has beautiful curves and mild thickness stands on the floor like an object. This is a shoehorn.


The main body and the wooden base are beautifully united as one piece. The conventional image we have in our mind would have been erased from the presence of this shoehorn.


Material: plastic, hard maple wood.