Daewon Park Observatory by Changki Yun

Korean architect Changki Yun (Kyungam Architects Associates have sent us images of their design for an observation tower for the city of Seongnam in Korea.


The Daewon Park Observatory was an entry for a competition but did not win.


Here's some info from the architects:


Floating Observatory

Location : Kyeonggido Sungnam, South Korea,
GFA : 929.32ß≥
Scale : B3~2F
Use : Observatory


The dream of flight is blissful. Just the thought of floating in the sky brings enough motivation to attempt to achieve the dream. However this dream is now a reality.


For the best view "Cloud 360" alotted all its space in the sky. The ground level was left as open space and two main elevators transport visitors to the sky.


The restaurant, cafe, and mediatech are all located in upper levels of the cloud observatory. This new observatory is sure to become the new landmark of the Sungam district.


Kyungam Architects Associates Ltd