Clockwork Love by Tjep

Dutch designers Tjep. are exhibiting a collection of jewellery comprising overlapping symbols at Gallery Ra in Amsterdam.

Called Clockwork Love, the range includes six designs each representing a different emotion.

Symbols are layered to create what look like mechanisms frozen in time.

The series is an extension of Tjep.'s 2002 project Bling Bling, which featured overlapping logos.

The project remains on show until 16 January.

Here's some text from Tjep.:


Clockwork Love by Tjep.

Clockwork Love builds further on the Bling Bling pendant designed by Tjep. for Chi Ha Paura...?

Launched in 2002, it was constructed from several layers of overlapping logos.

Clockwork Love is a jewelry collection evenly and consistently combining a great multitude of graphic elements in a multitude of layers.

The main body of this collection presented in Gallery Ra in Amsterdam consists of 6 timepieces expressing different 'heart moods' through the liberal use of symbolic references, the collection of pendants link up to such themes as fragility, passion, uncertainty and desire.

The frozen mechanical arrangements express characters as if it were portraits immobilized in time.

Different cutting techniques and materials have been applied and mixed.

Above: Black Bling

The pieces range in size from 8*8 cm (small), 16*16 cm (medium) all the way to 70*70 (Extra Large) as mural.

Above: Evil

Parallel to the main theme are the sub-themes: evil, peace and black bling.

Above: Peace

Clockwork Love:

Wings golden
Wings black
Wings XL