Kaide-taide by Company

Finnish designers Company have created railings for a stairway where the bars at each landing are distorted in a different way.

Called Kaide-taide (Art-handling), the project was commissioned for an eight-storey residential building in Helsinki, Finland.

The steel rods are bent to create places to sit and different view points as residents ascend.

Each railing is painted in a different tone, graduating from grey on the ground floor to white at the top.

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Here's some more information from the designers:



Company was comissioned to create art work for a residential building in Toukoranta, a new housing area in Helsinki, Finland.

Kaide-taide (Art-Handling) bends the railings of the 8 storey high building into new shapes.

These shapes provide places to sit and lean and opens up new views from the stairwell.

Railings are painted in a different tone of grey in each floor creating a gradient from 1st floor dark grey to white in 8th floor.

Material: 16 mm steel rod. Frame 33 mm steel tube.

Design: COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)
Client: YIT Corporation

Railings/handles manufactured by: EK-kaide.

Architect: O.P. Jokela Architects