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Neolione by Boadesign Studio

Czech designers Boadesign Studio have created a collection of chandeliers made of curved borosilicate glass tubes.

Called Neolione, the collection includes three different designs.

The each light features glass arms that have been bent into angular shapes, curved upwards or looped back on themselves.

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Here's some information from the designers:


Neoline is a collection of chandeliers designed especially for hotel and restaurant interiors, spaces typically large enough to allow the unconventional design of these chandeliers to excel.

The first idea for the collection was born in 2006 when the first sketches and visualizations of this collection came into existence.

Since then, development of the collection began with the right technologies to facilitate its creation being investigated.

The final shape and size of the lights were influenced and determined by technologies available.

The design of the collection bears fluid lines, reminescent of classic crystal chandeliers which Neoline can easily replace with their unconventional minimalism and simplicity.

Material: borosilicate glass, rust- resistant steel.