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Eurovisions by Fantastic Norway

Designers Fantastic Norway of Oslo have created an exhibition comprising overlapping cityscape silhouettes at DogA (Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture) in Oslo.

Called Eurovisions, the show presents the winning entries for architectural competition Europan 10 on the back of each profile.

Visitors wander among the profiles, which depict the cites of Vardø, Trondheim and Oslo in shades of grey and green.

The exhibition continues until 14 February.

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Below is some text from Fantastic Norway:


The exhibition ”Eurovisions” (featuring the winners of Europan 10) recently opened at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo. The exhibition is designed by Fantastic Norway.

“Eurovisions” consists of a vast number of hovering cityscape profiles, portraying the three current Europan sites. Together the silhouettes create a vast graphical landscape, creating a pseudo-3D or "two-and-a-half-dimensional" effect as you walking through it. This technique was widely used in early Disney movies (as well as in classic theatre scenography) to create the sensation of depth and movement through 2 dimensional drawings.

Runner up and winner projects were exposed at the back of these silhouettes. In addition to this the exhibition features an educational area where information, facts and models of the Europan cities are exposed. Projected onto the walls, fake TV-news clips (set in a not to distant future) reports a variety of stories portraying possible futures for the cities at hand.