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Kayak Kayak Canoe by Geoff Christou and Nick Savage

Following our recent story about a canoe store in the Spanish countryside, here's a rather different solution to the same problem located on a farm in Ontario, Canada, designed by architecture students Geoff Christou and Nick Savage,

Called Kayak Kayak Canoe, the project includes storage space for two kayaks and a canoe, suspended from a corrugated canopy and balanced by a container for paddles, life jackets and folding furniture.

Christou and Savage made the structure using materials they reclaimed from a collapsed barn on the site.

Here's some more information from the designers:


Nick Savage and I recently completed Kayak Kayak Canoe, a kayak and canoe storage structure.

Our clients gave us the opportunity of designing and building a home for two kayaks and a canoe along with a storage space for paddles, life jackets and folding chairs on a beautiful site adjacent to a lake on a farm property.

The columns, beams, corrugated metal, and cables are all reused from a collapsed barn located on the property.

The project was completed by two individuals in seven days with a final material cost of 350 dollars.

Geoff Christou and Nick Savage
This project was completed in August 2009 outside of Parry Sound.
Privately Commissioned.