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Centre of Pedagogic Multimedia Resources by Béal & Blanckaert

Photographer Julien Lanoo of France has sent us his photographs of a teaching resources centre in Paris Lille by French architects Béal & Blanckaert.

Called Centre of Pedagogic Multimedia Resources, the project is situated between three existing university buildings and is clad in black zinc panels.

Faceted ceilings bounce slices of light around the interior of the sprawling, single-storey structure.

More about Béal & Blanckaert on Dezeen: Multimedia Centre in Armentières (December 2009)

The following is from the architects, translated by Joke Jonckiere:


The project is integrated into the scientific university of Lille I. It groups the entire IT motor of the campus and contains also a really sophisticated recording pole, unique in the North of Paris.

We find ourselves here in an urban plan that hesitates between an urbanity that has difficulties to affirm itself and a landscape campus.

Far from any judgment and enforcing in a peremptory way our truth, we recapture the ambiguities of the site through placing a new situated object in it.

Indeed, a new footpath discretely structures the place through joining together the parts of the campus that did not know each other.

The equipment is the extension of an existing building, but has to preserve its functional autonomy.

A regulated autonomic geometry, based on a crossed picture, contains in its wings the different programmed entities divided in accordance with functional criteria of orientations, proximities and supplies.

The neighboring piles of soil are leveled and put in geometrical forms in relation to the roof of the building.

With this roof, the façade, constituted of skins of black zinc, fold and unfold itself, translating the troubles that exist here between landscape and architecture.

Title: Centre of pedagogic multimedia resources
Principal: USTL – University of Lille I
Localization: Scientific quarter, Villeneuve d’Ascq

Competition: 2007, laureate project
Architects: Antoine Béal and Ludovic Blanckaert
Staff members: J. Ramet, E. Veauvy, T. Foucray, L. Zimny
Bet: HDM – Becquart
Program: Film and recording studio - offices
Area: 950m2 surface without net work
Cost of the works: 1 850 000 euro without taxes

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