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Labyrinth of Woods by Point

Architect Ben Naqoka of Point has completed an installation featuring plywood archways at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan.

Called Labyrinth of Woods, the wooden profiles branch out lower down to form extra display stands and include arms forming chandeliers where several sections meet.

The installation opened last week and will remain in place until 10 July 2010.

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Here is some information about the project from the gallery:


DIESEL has turned jeans (denim) from a daily and ordinary piece of work clothing into a fashionable and desirable item by adding that extra creative touch.

In a similar manner “Labyrinth of Woods” consists of the columns of plywood standing close together randomly. The columns widen as they reach the ceiling and are connected to each other to enhance their height and create various individual spaces.

Closer to the ground, they transform into to table-shaped furniture. Extra touches such as “holes to look like stitches” and “mirror panels” have been added to create a pleasant space with the sense of playfulness.


POINT; Ben Nagaoka + Masahiiro Takanaka

Nagaoka and his partner Masahiro Tanaka established architectural firm "POINT" in 1999 and their work of huge wood furnishing interior Kaetsu Canyon entered the limelight in 2007. POINT has won JCD (Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers) gold prize two years in a row,  for a jewelry shop MUSVI (2008) and Yamakoya, and a small lounge for a library of elementary school (2009). Considering spatial design as media, Nagaoka and his POINT create comfortable and enjoyable environment for the users.

Ben Nagaoka was born in Tokyo in 1970. He graduated from Graduate School of Media and Governace, Keio University in 1997. He established POINT with partner Masahiro Tanaka in 1999. Since 2003 he worked for Co-Labo, creators’ team and shared office. As a part-time instructor he teaches at Kuwasa Design School, Keio University, and ICS College of Arts.  He also designed some houses which were often exposed in media.


Only existing in Tokyo and New York, DIESEL DENIM GALLERY is the signature store for the most prestigious collection at Diesel and also functions as a gallery space. It has been actively supporting talented rising artists by providing its space to exhibit their work.

DIESEL DENIM GALLERY AOYAMA holds art installations twice a year on the 1st floor, and art exhibitions four times a year, featuring different artists on the second floor. Actual artworks can be purchased at the gallery.

The gallery is renown for curating and featuring talented designers and artists such as video director Timothy Saccenti (Partizan) and architect Makoto Tanijiri.

Among other exhibitors is architect Kimihiko Okada whose work Another Geography was scaled up at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and artist Mark Jenkins who was chosen by Time magazine as one of the Top Ten Guerrilla Artists. The gallery has become known as a gateway to success for new artists and architects.


Masaaki Takahashi

Independent writer, curator and contributor to Japanese and overseas magazines including FRAME, MARK and Architectural Design, he writes on art, design and architecture. He studied Fine Art, Environmental Design, Interior Design, and International Relations in Berlin, London and New York.

He established editorial office Brizhead in 1996 and is author of several books including Kenchiku-purezen-no-okite, Japan The New Mix, Design City Tokyo, etc. In 2009, he started SHA-ken, a network to bridge architecture and society.

Title: Labyrinth of Woods
Artist: Ben Nagaoka / point
Curation: Masaaki Takahashi (BRIZHEAD)
Date: 2010.2.10 (WED) - 2010.7.12 (MON)