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Companion Parrot by Tithi Kutchamuch

London designer Tithi Kutchamuch has created a necklace with charms modelled on the skull and entrails of a parrot.

The wearer pulls the chain and body parts out of a holder shaped like the body of a bird.

Called Companion Parrot, the piece is part of Kutchamuch's Secret Friend collection (see our previous story) and will be exhibited at design fair Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in London this May.

Photographs are by Petr Krejci.

Here's some text from the designer:

The second generation of 'A Secret Friend' , a life size companion parrot.

Jewellery as part of home that you can bring with. Keep them save, and bring back to complete your forever friend at home.

'Companion Parrot' will be part of a collection that I'm working on and will be exhibited at 'Collect' , Saatchi Gallery 14-17 May 2010 in London.