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Arctic Collection by Jens Praet and Vibeke Skar

Milan 2010: Belgian designer Jens Praet has collaborated with Vibeke Skar of Norway to present a collection of Corian tables with grooves worn into their sides in the Ventura Lambrate district of Milan this week.

Called Arctic, the tables are meant to represent melting icecaps.

They are shown alongside a series of glass lamps called Industrial Collection.

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The following information is from Preat:


studio Jens Praet and studio Vibeke Skar are teaming up designing two brand new collections labeled under one precise theme: Industrial Impact. The collection will be launched in Milan next week at Spazio Undai - Zona Ventura Lambrate.

As a reflection on the industrial revolution’s major after-effect, the global warming, provoking glacier icemelting, which is threatening the balance in the world, the studio-duo is trying to reach the people’s attention by creating everyday objects with a subtle environmental message. The end result is a table collection consisting of 3 different tables made of Ice White DuPont™ Corian®, inspired by the Arctic with its melting iceglaciers and eroded detailes.

Through the use of sensitive detailing, referring to industrial evergreen elements for the Industrial collection and eroded and water carved details for the Arctic collection, the studio-duo is creating a strong communication medium enhancing the importance of both global industrialization and the beauty and emphasis of the Arctic environment. Both Arctic and Industrial Collection are combining traditional craftmanship with contemporary materials; handmade is the keyword to refine, personalize and emotionalize the objects...

For the Arctic Collection the design-duo is collaborating with company Corinor AS, leading and highly experienced fabricator of DuPont™ Corian® in Norway, trying to challenge the material to a new perspective in the design field. Together with Corinor AS, they developed an ice-resembling material by bending ice-eroded patterned plates of DuPont™ Corian® (in Ice White colour) into small tables. They are introducing an interesting surface treatment by sandblasting the finished objects in order to experience a rough ice effect. The table tops are beautifully high gloss polished, creating a remarkable contrast with the imperfect table sides.

Along with this collection, the designers are presenting a glass collection consisting of a serie of lamps representing the industrial revolution, also wanting to be a contemporary reaction to the negative results of this era.

For the Industrial Collection, the designers have chosen to work with Norway’s oldest glass manufacturer, Hadeland Glassverk. At the glass-factory, the designers have been working in close contact with trained glassblowers able to create state-of-the-art designs mixing antique traditions with contemporary know-how techniques. Every lampshade has been hand blown - the imperfections are enhancing the beauty of the lamps with the result that every piece is unique.

Please come visit studio Jens Praet and studio Vibeke Skar at Spazio Undai - via Ventura 6 (Zona Ventura Lambrate) - Milano... On show also other work by the design duo and by Lanzavecchia + Wai.

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