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Hook by Jean Nouvel

Milan 2010: French architect Jean Nouvel presents an office wall system for Italian brand Methis at Superstudio Più in Zona Tortona.

Called Hook, the system comprises metal strips with hidden joints.

Shelves and containers can be hung from gaps between the strips.

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The information below is from Methis:

Jean Nouvel

“Creating architecture,” affirms Jean Nouvel, “means imbuing personal’s creation, be it a building, a piece of furniture or a garden, with the values of one’s own culture and civilization.” When he designs an object or a piece of furniture, the architect first thinks about functionality and about achieving an “elementary design” that corresponds to the essence of things.

Being part of his time, he uses contemporary techniques that testify to the period to which he belongs. It was true to this philosophy that the hook wall was designed for methis.

With Jean Nouvel’s hook, the partition becomes a continuous wall, while the wall turns into a complete device with infinite potential that can be outfitted with a comprehensive range of accessories all designed to make the contemporary office more comfortable. An efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable building system. The methis values.

DESIGN. A wall formed by a “continuous sort of corrugated skin” that does away with both vertical and horizontal joints

INNOVATION. hook differs from the conventional, passive performance provided by a wall as it can become a highly functional furnishing element for storing, filing, exhibiting, communicating and supporting

SUSTAINABILITY. A wall that’s totally made of recycled and recyclable materials

ACOUSTICS. Excellent sound-insulation and sound-absorption performance

WELL-BEING. Ideal for controlling the microclimatic temperature and humidity conditions of the air SAFETY. Excellent results when it comes to the fire reaction and resistance classification

SAFETY. Excellent results when it comes to the fire reaction and resistance classification

“Metal architecture, like a quotation from Jean Prouvé’s creations. Rather than a partition, more like a true, uninterrupted building system where the joints are concealed behind the metal folds. Just like paper, its regularly perforated, lacquered and corrugated skin becomes a wall.” J. N.

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