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Lianes, Roches, Conques by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec at Galerie Kreo

An exhibition of new work by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec has opened at Galerie Kreo in Paris.

Called Lianes, Roches, Conques, the show features a range of interconnected hanging lights (Lianes), rock-like wall shelves (Roches) and shell-like wall lamps (Conques).

The exhibition is at Gallery Kreo, 31, rue Dauphine 75006, Paris until July 22.

Here's some text from the Bouroullecs:

Our interest in industrial design is linked to the unlimited reproduction of objects. Nevertheless, for the past ten years, we have been producing work in the unique framework provided by the Galerie kreo.

This unique context allows necessary respiration in our work, helping us to breathe into between other projects.

It has often led us to compare our work for the gallery to the use of a sketch pad, a more natural form of research, free from the constraints imposed by industry, the norms, weight, size or other issues more or less justified by mass production.

Here, we give ourselves the time to explore different media and extraordinary techniques that are rejected by industry, to approach unique skills.

Our research for the gallery is about magic as much as use. Delicacy, sensuality and mystery emanate from this new exhibition that showcases three projects: Lianes, Conques and Roches.

The Lianes are interconnected lamps. The general idea behind the Lianes is to incorporate and unify all the elements of the lamp - from the long cables to the fixation points to the actual lit shell. In order to make this possible, every single interrelated element is covered with black or flesh-coloured leather - even the fixation points that allow the Lianes to be hung from the ceiling.

Thanks to the leather-to-leather adherence and to the natural brakes that comes from the topstitching passing through the tying points, it is easy to adjust the orientation and the height of the light freely.

The Conque is a wall light that can be either standing by itself thanks to a wireless system or that can be interconnected with other Conques. The extremely glossy black shell is meant to reflect the light to the utmost.

The mystery comes from the fact that there is space between the wall and the actual light to give the impression of an intriguing flying object right in front of the wall. Again, the fixations are unnoticeable.

The Roches is a collection of shelving units. We designed 8 sizes of Roches (from 1,17m long to 13,5cm long). Thanks to the use of a special ultra matt paint, the Roches give a velvety feeling to the touch.

The fixations to the walls are totally invisible to accentuate this idea of mysterious mineral-looking elements that have grown on the wall.

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