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Dolls by Viktor & Rolf at Studio Job Gallery

Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf will present a collection of outfits designed for dolls at the Antwerp gallery of artists Studio Job.

Top: The Fashion Show
Above: Russian Doll

One doll will be presented to represent each collection the designers have created so far.

Above: Ballroom

The dolls will be on show 18 May - 16 July.
Read more about the Studio Job gallery in our earlier story.

Photographs are by Peter Stigter.

Here's some more information from Studio Job written by Erik Schilp, director Museum of National History of The Netherlands:

Studio Job Gallery presents Dolls by Viktor & Rolf

The true strength of Viktor & Rolf's work is its genuine modesty. Although from time to time they make grand statements and their output can be astonishing in its proportions, the essence of their work is high-quality simplicity: look around you, take what you see and improve on it. No idealistic aims or wild fantasies - add a golden finish to the lead of daily life. All this is entirely in keeping with the Low Countries tradition that idiosyncrasy and uniqueness are only valued if they are kept at arm's length, and that a modest attitude is expected. Viktor & Rolf have succeeded precisely because they have not rejected these conventions, yet have developed a wonderful sincerity that tests the boundaries of this sham context and so exposes its falsehood.

Above: NO

They have thus set a new standard for coming generations of artists and designers without ever repudiating their origins. It should therefore come as no surprise that Viktor & Rolf have finally felt the need to put their entire oeuvre in perspective. The result is Dolls - a blend of unparalleled creative power and artistic magnificence, couples with the sincerity and true modesty that typifies their work.

Above: Black Hole

Best of all, Dolls has found a home with Job and Nynke who (as Studio Job) have so much in common with Viktor & Rolf - a highly successful personal relationship that goes back to the 1990's.

18 May - 16 July 2010 / 14:00 - 18:00
Tuesday – Friday and by appointment

Studio Job Gallery
Begijnenvest 8
2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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