Spaziale Series by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Milan 2010: Lanzavecchia + Wai, an Italian-Singaporean studio, presented their debut collection in Milan last month, featuring a range of furniture wrapped in brightly-coloured stretchy fabric.

Called Spaziale Series, the wooden structures have been wrapped in interchangeable fabric covers.

The range consists of a chair, a set of shelving units and a commode.

Photographs are by Davide Farabegoli.

The collection was shown in the Ventura Lambrate district in Milan.
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Here's some more information from the designers:

Lanzavecchia + Wai - presents - Spaziale Series - Domestic Creatures. Debut collection launched at Salone del Mobile 2010 at Ventura-Lambrate.

During the Milan Design Week 2010, Lanzavecchia + Wai, a creative studio of Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai presented their debut collection "Spaziale Series", realized during a design residency at the Danish Art Workshops, part of the "Time to Design - New Talent Award", at the new design district of Ventura-Lambrate.

“Spaziale Series”

Feminine & masculine, fluid & rigid, lightness & mass, expression & function, tactile pleasure from usage, the Spaziale family would like to invite themselves into your lives and homes, and perhaps have a little fun together.

This is a family of organic domestic creatures that will live with you and your possessions. By breaking out of the rigid mechanical boxes that inhabit in our spaces and store our lives today, they react to what and how much you put in them, openings that behave like mouths and even allow you to hide in them. As furniture, they are an exercise in succinct usage and expressions of material properties.

The Shelves’ covering secures the books, and in turn they leave their impressions on the skin, creating a sensuous interplay of curves, structure and content, redefining its form whenever your library is re-arranged. Due to their thinness, they can be used as a room divider when placed next to each other; access to the books on one side, on the other an "estroflessa" texture caused by its contents.

“Our” Chair is a personal sanctuary for one, or two, that provides hints of the space within with a slit-opening on its face that can be transformed from private to public by pulling and wrapping the textile around its tiny hands on the arm-rests.

The commode swallows your possessions earnestly via its apertures, and their voids accessible either by pulling and stretching their mouths open or a slight tug on a butterfly-knot to unravel a flowing bundle of fabric. Users can also cut into the skin to decide where they want to access the storage space.

Customizable & Updateable

Changing the colours of furniture is exactly like putting on different clothes. If you cannot find the colour you desire available among our selection, it can be custom-made. And if you find the royal-blue shelf looking tired, take off the skin and give it a wash or you could make it a vibrant orange one by putting on a new skin.

Conversation Piece

We would like to see the Spaziale series as injections of fun in your living space, as objects that trigger conversations, encourage interaction and propose new perceptions in how we use our furniture.

Nomadic mobility

Spaziale series is designed to be disassemblable, smartly-packed and move with you and your life to the next home.


The pieces make efficient use of materials to create a light-weight but rigid object. Designed to be flat-packed, flat-transported, flat-stored, and easily diassembled into its basic materials to be re-used or recycled at its end-of-life.

LANZAVECCHIA + WAI is a creative collaboration between Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai. To them, being designers means being researchers.
Design projects to them are research journeys characterized by the pursuit and selective employment of different design disciplines and professional competences, to be curated, cross-bred and nurtured into concepts and products that propose possibilities and inspire new perspectives.

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