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AIR3 by USIN-e

Lyon designers USIN-e have designed an aquarium in the shape of a test tube.

Called Air3, the aquarium is open at one end, supported by a thin metal stand.

Photographs are by Laure Mélone.

Here's some more information from the designers:

USIN-e is showing a new generation of Airs aquariums. It was on show for the first time at USIN-e’s exhibition, March 2010, in La Bergerie, Marseille.

This aquarium is a glass bubble caught mid-fall by a metal structure. As other Airs models, Air3 was created using the techniques of scientific glassware. Hanging up in the air, Air3 tells us about weight and elevation.

Materials: Glass, metal
Size: diameter 15cm, 80cm X 25cm
Production: AD , Christophe Bailleux

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