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Colour by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik

Norwegian designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik presented a lamp filtered through layers of coloured screens in Milan last month.

Called Colour, the lamp incorporates an opaque disk illuminated from behind by a circular fluorescent tube.

Translucent coloured screens are then leaned in front of the disk against a wall, and overlapped to create different effects.

"The project is about letting a user mix different colours and compose different compositions depending on their needs," says Rybakken. "It also raise the question: Why does a lamp need to be one object? Why can't a lamp be the sum of several different objects?"

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Images are by Kalle Sanner and Daniel Rybakken.

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Here's a little text from the designer:

Colour. In collaboration with Andreas Engesvik

Colour is about the mixing of colour and composition in shape.

Though I work often with aspects of daylight, this collarorative project allowed me to investigate quite different effects and sensations of light. With a largely monochromatic pallette to-date, I also welcomed the opportunity to explore colour.

Using sheets of coloured glass placed freely in front of a light source, Colour invites the user to mix various hues.

I was also intrigued here by the exploded concept of a lamp, formed not only of multiple components, but by multiple objects too.

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